Over 30 Years of Unparalleled Roof Replacement Services in DeKalb, IL!

Over 30 Years of Unparalleled Roof Replacement Services in DeKalb, IL!

In an effort to better the environment, we recycle all of our roofing waste. On the occasion that your roof needs attention, you can give us a call or text. Our owner will be present on-site to answer any question you might have. Your satisfaction is our priority - if you're not satisfied, then neither are we.

Preserve Your Household From Weather Damage

Changing weather patterns, age, and corrosion can take a toll on your roof. Keep your roofing system in check with regular maintenance and repairs to sustain its integrity and support. Whether you need us for re-roofing, repairs, patchwork, restoration, maintenance, or inspections, we have you covered. The trained and skilled roofing experts at DeKalb Roofing can tear off your current roof and replace it with a better, more efficient roof.

The weather damage to this roof could have been prevented with regular maintenance.

Do you want to keep your roofing system in shape with timely roof inspections to rule out any signs of damage? If you happen to reside in DeKalb, IL area, DeKalb Roofing is the company you need. For your convenience, we have 24-hour emergency services available. We use 100% recyclable shingles on all projects. Your worn-out, old shingles are transported to a place where they're reused by turning them into asphalt.